We got to experience the first-ever Honkai Star Rail food event in Singapore held at Kith located at Millenia Walk a day before launch.

Earlier in the year, Honkai Star Rail fans were treated to a bubble tea collaboration with CHAGEE in July. This time around, you’ll be able to experience a larger, more substantial spread.

Honkai Star Rail Time to Feast: Participating restaurants, dates, merchandise

Officially called Honkai Star Rail Time to Feast, it’s running from October 11 to November 14, 2023 in participating cities and restaurants worldwide.

Honkai Star Rail food event Time to Feast light cone decor and Kafka standee at Kith
Credit: HoYoverse

Besides enjoying the food, you can pick up collaborative merchandise comprising a Pom-Pom badge, an exclusive acrylic stand featuring Dan Heng and March 7th, holographic tickets that contain redemption codes for in-game items, other official merch, as well as participate in a lucky draw.

Honkai Star Rail food event review: We tried Combo A and Cand ended off with desserts at Kith

Honkai Star Rail Time to Feat Kith menu showing combo A, B, and C
Credit: Amanda Tan/SharingFunVN
Frostweave salmon bread
Deep-fried flying sea anemone
Steamed puffergoat milk

With limited space in our stomachs, we selected two combos for our meal. I wanted to try combo A because I was curious about the steamed puffergoat milk.

Thankfully, it wasn’t a hot drink. If you like bubble tea with at least 50% sugar, you’ll definitely savor this thick, milky mix that reminds me of pudding. I love sweet things, so order it if we share the same taste buds.

Combo A available at Honkai Star Rail Time to Feast at Kith
Credit: Amanda Tan/SharingFunVN

The appetizer comprises smoked salmon dipped in sesame dressing with two pieces of crisp baguette bread that came with a side of sweet jam.

While the baguette was toasted well, putting these three things in one dish felt a bit odd. I ended up deconstructing them and consuming them one by one. Perhaps I wasn’t daring enough to combine and wallop them together?

Belobog sausage
Snapper jam appetizer
Jim Roger bread soda

For Combo A’s main course, the sea anemone wasn’t actually sea anemone — it’s hot dogs and fried potato wedges combined with a slushy tomato-based pasta sauce.

This made my day! We wouldn’t usually have pasta sauce without pasta, but it worked, and I couldn’t get enough of the sinfulness in this dish.

Combo C available at Honkai Star Rail Time to Feast at Kith
Credit: Amanda Tan/SharingFunVN

Fellow sweet-tooth fans would appreciate Combo C as much as A. Startaro bubble is their version of yam bubble tea, with actual yam bits to boot.

Granny Chen’s tofu
Cosmic fried rice
Startaro bubble

Granny Chen’s tofu was covered in a slightly salted brown sauce that wasn’t overpowering — you can taste the tofu and its complementary flavors equally.

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It balances out the strong, solid Cosmic fried rice main cooked with fresh water prawns, crab sticks, and egg — though I can’t really say for sure what makes it cosmic.

Sides available at Honkai Star Rail food event Time to Feast at Kith
Credit: Amanda Tan/SharingFunVN
Stone-roasted meat skewers
Berrypheasant skewers
Grande rejuvepill
Tuskpir wrap
Himeko’s coffee

Call me biased, for I only had two desserts, but I can vouch for both of them because I live for sugar.

Tuskpir wrap is a raspberry roll that’s sweet and fluffy on the outside and sour on the inside. Usually I opt for chocolate swiss rolls, but even so, I welcomed the fact that you can’t get this type of berry mix elsewhere. Plus, eating something that’s colored bright pink and red simply makes me happy.

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Grande rejuvepills are sweet and salted cookies that, similar to other dishes, play with opposing flavors in a single bite. Again, I always opt for the sweet stuff and don’t usually buy sea-salted sweet cookies because the saltiness tends to outshine the other, but this tight rejuvepill was just right.

Experience the exclusive Honkai Star Rail food event at Kith

Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard #01-44/45 Singapore 039596
Dates: October 11 to November 14, 2023
Opening hours: 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. daily
Phone: +65 6333 4438

Reservation link: https://kith.com.sg/collections/kith-cafe-honkai-star-rail-preorder

Honkai Star Rail food event Time to Feast happening at Kith
Credit: HoYoverse
Acrylic stand: Character portrait series $16
Acrylic pendant: Character portrait series $7
Collaboration stand featuring Dan Heng and March $21
Metal badge: Character portrait series $4
Acrylic art board: Light cone series $13.50
Metal badge: Light cone series $3.50

For more information, visit the Honkai Star Rail Time to Feast web page.

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